Magic dinner with sunset

We live in a building with an interesting story. This is one of the first high-rise buildings in Moscow. It is known not only for its height, shape and location of balconies, but also for its “legs” — the building stands on stilts between which the car will freely pass. It was built in 1968 by the architect Zaikin and Andreev.

During Magic dinner tour with sunset you will try a variety of food and drinks. We will speak about the cultural differences, enjoy view from our balcony, listen to Russian music and watch local movies on the projector.

We have the beautiful park nearby which is the most famous place in Moscow since 1954. It is not only historical, but also a lovely place to walk and enjoy the evening. So let’s do this!


*Dinner with drinks (we also can include some alcohol if you wish);

*The local experienced guide;

*A small present for every participant;

*The best photos from the view point;

*Private tour;

*All the taxes.

Important information:

*Use Yandex app for taxi and pay from the card. It will help you to avoid extra payment. Especially please be careful at the airports, order taxi in advance!


*40$ for one person;

*60$ for 2 people;

*80$ for 3 people;

*100$ for 4 people;

*if you have more than 4 people or kids in your group please contact me, and we will discuss the price;

*if you have food allergies or you are on a special diet, please tell me in advance.

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