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Vegan and vegetarian places in Moscow

Falafel Bro

Address: Oruzheiny Lane, 5; Tovarishchesky lane, 4, bldg. 5 — food court «Smena»
It is one of the most popular vegan and vegetarian places in Moscow! The basis of the menu is made up of falafels in pita bread with various additives. The classic version includes a chickpea cutlet, vegetables and mustard sauce. And after all, the Italian version includes vegan mozzarella and pesto. In addition to falafels, there are sandwiches with a similar composition.


Address: lane. Lavrushinsky 15
Democratic cafe opposite the Tretyakov Gallery has cultural programm. For example, a piano for live concerts and a projector for showing films and lectures on art history. Also, the menu includes bruschetta, salads, pasta, risotto and sweets.

Fruits & Veges

Address: st. Nizh. Syromyatnicheskaya 5/7
Vegetarian cafe in the bunker on the territory of the ArtPlay design center. The space of the institution has modern design, everything has eco-materials. In addition to food, you can find here fruit cocktails and freshly squeezed juices, coffee.

Jagannath (Джаганнат)

Addresses: st. Kuznetsky Most 11
st. Maroseyka 4
st. Earthen shaft 24/30
st. V. Radishchevskaya 9a
st. Gruzinsky Val 28/45

Vegetarian cafe with cosmopolitan cuisine. There is a large selection of oriental dishes — Indian, Thai and Chinese. There are also European items on the menu, such as paella or Scottish soup. Also, you can enjoy oriental sweets here. In addition, there is a shop at the cafe where you can buy products for vegetarians.

Sharing my soul (Делюсь душой)

Address: st. Pyatnitskaya 54s1 Dobryninskaya
Veg-friendly coffee shop with breakfasts. Above all, the founders of the coffee shop are focused on a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, on the menu you can find gluten-free desserts and signature drinks with turmeric or chicory. Also, a special section is dedicated to drinks with Japanese matcha tea. You can try homemade granola, cheesecakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast, for example. Finally, the institution regularly hosts lectures and public talks about coffee and sustainable consumption.

Moscow — Delhi

Address: lane. Ermolaevsky 7, Mayakovskaya
Small authentic Indian restaurant with no fixed menu. Daba — it is a popular eatery in India, where locals mostly dine. Furthermore, spices and organic products come here from India.
There are only three tables in the hall and an open kitchen with a traditional clay oven tandoor. The design is very colorful, for example, towels are dried on a rope under the ceiling, the shelves are furnished with antique kitchen utensils, and the walls are plastered with clay with the addition of straw.

Cafe Fresh

Address: Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 11
All drinks are prepared in front of the guests. In addition to mixtures of fruits, berries and vegetables, Fresh makes whitgrass shots from young wheat shoots, and also adds nutritious protein to some cocktails. Also, there is an option to create juice according to your own recipe. The menu contains alcohol, but unusual: organic and biodynamic wines and organic unfiltered Brunehaut beer.


Bolshoi Kozikhinsky per., 10
Bolshaya Nikitskaya St., 22/2

The spouses Alexander Brailovsky and Nadezhda Pak are vegetarians with 14 years of experience. They like to cook themselves in the cafe according to home recipes. So you can find at the menu a mixture of Korean and European cuisines.

NYM Yoga

Address: Plotnikov per., 4/5
The cafe is run by a woman with Armenian-Jewish roots. Aida is a vegetarian, she cooks here from the very beginning. At the beginnig, the cafe was a small tea bar, where they periodically ordered food from vegetarian stores. But now the kitchen is equipped with household appliances, there are even small ovens for baking. The menu is vegan. In brief, the menu dishes have buckwheat, legumes, bulgur, couscous, quinoa, rice.

«Vegan» (Веганутые)

Address: st. Lesnaya, 20, bldg. 3 — corner in the «Depot»
All dishes here are 100% vegan, so you don’t even need to worry. The place is definitely worth your attention, even if you do not adhere to strict food rules. What can you found here? For example, scrambled eggs without eggs, pizza without dough, and raw borscht.


Addresses: st. Tverskaya, 5/6; Chistoprudny Boulevard, 12, building 2
The Avocado menu contains the most popular international dishes, for example, okroshka and dumplings, rolls and falafel. Also, visitors can choose a cooking option. For example, borscht is presented in both vegan and raw versions on the menu.

Flora No Fauna + Doublebee Green

Address: st. Kuznetsky Most, 20
The most popular cafe for Instagram between Vegan and vegetarian places in Moscow. Flora No Fauna is responsible for the cuisine, and Doubleby Green is responsible for drinks based on herbal ingredients. Both establishments use metal straws for drinks instead of disposable ones.

Green fox (Зеленая лиса)

Address: Malaya Sukharevskaya square, 2/4
Green Fox is a small cozy cafe with swings instead of chairs, a lounge area where you can lie in pillows on a soft carpet. Also, it has a separate room for those who come to work. Dishes are prepared individually for each guest, so it will take longer to wait for the order. The menu is vegan, and the cafe also strives for environmental friendliness.


Address: st. Spartakovskaya, 3, building 3
It is a bar. On the taps there are 16 types of beer, cider and even kombucha, which don’t have gelatin, lactose, oysters and other ingredients of animal origin. The menu includes popular bar snacks — burgers, steaks and nuggets, but all without harm to animals.

Food court «Broccoli»

Address: Taganskaya square, 86/1, bldg. 1 — shopping gallery «Atom», 2nd floor
The Broccoli food court is a unique project for vegetarians. In other words, all the corners and shops that work on the floor have given up the use of meat, fish and eggs. Guests can choose any dishes from the menu without fear that the vegetable soup will contain chicken broth.

Save this list of Vegan and vegetarian places in Moscow for your future trip! 🙂

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