Suzdal & Vladimir day tour

Suzdal is a real miracle. The local Kremlin is an ancient fortress, on the territory of which is located the golden-domed Mother of God-Nativity Cathedral with frescoes from the 13th century. In the buildings of the Bishops’ Chambers, an exposition of 15th century icons is presented. The Spaso-Euthymius Monastery with its white stone Transfiguration Cathedral is located in the northern part of the city.

Vladimir is a member of the Golden Ring and it was founded in 990. Admire the Assumption Cathedral with a richly decorated altar and frescoes of the 15th century. The walls of the white-stone Dimitrievsky Cathedral are covered with reliefs depicting animals and saints. Enjoy the Golden Gate — a 12th-century white stone tower with oak doors studded with gilded copper. Going to the Golden ring is a very good decision. You will see unique architecture, and a real Russians outside of fancy capital, try village food and take a plenty of amazing photos!

Duration: 12-14 hours


Suzdal: The Kremlin, the Nativity Cathedral of the 13th cen., the Deposition of the Robe convent with the highest bell-tower, the Convent of the Intersession of the 14th century.

Vladimir: The Golden Gate (the symbol of the Russian military architecture of the 12th century), the Old Believers Trinity Church, the piece of a rampart, the church of St, George of the 12th century, St. Demetrious Cathedral (the 12th cen.), the Assumption Cathedral (the 12th cen.)


*All the museum tickets;

*Private guide;

*A small present;

*Hotel pick-up;


*Private driver.

Important information:

*Use Yandex app for taxi and pay in advance from card, this will help you to avoid extra payment;

*You always can order a photographer for the best pictures;

*The itinerary and start time are flexible;


*This tour includes everything and is focused on small groups. If you are alone or with partner — please contact me. We will think how to reduce the price.

*800$ for 4-6 people;

*If you have more than 4 people or kids in your group please contact me, and we will discuss the price.

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