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Michelin guide first came out in Russia


In 1900, there were fewer than 3,000 cars on the roads of France. Therefore, very often car travel turned into a real adventure.

Nevertheless, the Michelin brothers were firmly convinced that cars were the future. To support the development of the automotive industry and, at the same time, the development of the Michelin Group, they decided to release a small travel guide for motorists, designed to make travel easy, increase people’s mobility and, as a result, increase sales of Michelin tires. The guide was distributed free of charge at workshops and tire centers.

The opening pages of the Michelin Guide provided a lot of useful information. In Paris, the guide contained only a list of car manufacturers; and the list of hotels and restaurants appeared later.

In 1920, the free distribution of the Michelin guide was discontinued. While visiting one of his distributors in 1920, André Michelin was amazed to see guidebooks being used to prop up a workbench in a workshop. This marked the end of that era. On the same day, it was decided that the guide would be on sale. Because, according to the Michelin brothers, “people appreciate only what they pay for”. In 1920, the guide went on sale at an initial price of seven francs. A list of restaurants with a special classification system was included in the guide for the 1st time. They also removed ads from the guide and added a list of Parisian hotels. Since 1926, stars have been awarded to the best restaurants.


A restaurant can receive from one to three stars. One testifies that the restaurant is worth a visit for its high quality cuisine. Two are given to those whose cuisine is so good that it is possible to change the planned travel itinerary for the sake of it. And three is the highest recognition.

In addition, Michelin experts use a number of special marks for evaluation. The company’s symbol, the rubber man Bibendum, means «good food for reasonable money». The sign with a fork, knife and plate means «good food». Crossed fork and spoon (one to five icons) — from simple to luxurious restaurant; a cloverleaf sign for responsible consumption establishments.


Russia has already become the 33rd country where Michelin is produced. The first option includes 69 restaurants (all located in Moscow).

According to the international director of the guide, Gwendal Pullenek, 2021 was the perfect time for a guide to appear in Moscow.

For the past 5 years, Michelin inspectors have watched the Moscow gastronomic scene. Since then, Moscow has acquired its own “culinary identity». Moscow restaurateurs have learned to skillfully work with the country’s culinary heritage. In the future, Michelin will regularly publish the Red Guide in Moscow.


  • Young chef «- Nikita Poderyagin from the Björn restaurant of modern northern cuisine.
  • For the best service — went to Vitaly Filonov, the manager of the Twins Garden restaurant.
  • New for 2022 — green stars, given to chefs who are seasonally aware and respect local products. Green is not in the sense for vegans, but in the sense of sustainable gastronomy, that is, this is about ecology — local products do not need to be transported far, and Michelin considers it important to note this. They were presented to Ekaterina Alekhina from Biologie, once again to the Berezutsky brothers from Twins Garden and (again!) Nikita Poderyagin from Björn.
  • Two restaurants received two stars — Artest and Twins Garden. Both projects also focus on local products and thus support the global trend towards sustainability.

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