Back to the past. Soviet tour.

People all around the world have heard a lot about the USSR, Stalin and Lenin, the Second World war and the Cold War. If you are interested in history this tour is exactly for you. We will discuss all the things that you want to ask while you are in Russia, see the main places that still have the face of the powerful leader, and find out the good things from that time.

I will take you to a Cold War bunker and the lost metro stations, that were built during Stalin’s time. We will see the tomb of Lenin. After that, we will explore a once-forgotten Soviet propaganda park where some artifacts were just found after 50 years of being lost. We will even take a photo close to the KGB building and understand how people disappeared at that time and what happened to them.

Let’s count all of Stalin’s skyscrapers and go inside one of them to be fully amazed at the abundance of beauty and decoration. Be ready for a long and unforgettable day!

Duration: 8 hours


*One of the museums: GULAG Museum / The Museum of soviet arcade machines / Second World war Museum;

*Red Square;

*Lenin’s Mausoleum;


*Sculptures Park;

*Metro tour;

*Stalin Skyscrapers;

*Soviet traditional lunch;


*VDNH Park.


*Soviet lunch;

*Private guide;

*One museum on choice;

*Hotel pick-up;

* Metro tickets.

Important information:

*Use Yandex app for taxi and pay in advance from card, this will help you to avoid extra payment;

*You always can order a photographer for the best pictures;

*The itinerary and start time are flexible.


*130$ for one person;

*165$ for 2 people;

*200$ for 3 people;

*235$ for 4 people;

*If you have more than 4 people or kids in your group please contact me, and we will discuss the price.

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