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Top 5 Russian cuisine restaurants

When I plan my vacations in new country I always try to find unigue places with tasty food. So, if you are foodie too this topic will help you to get the most of your experience in Moscow!

My recommendations for you are the following:

*Borscht (red soup with beetroot, sour cream, beef, beans and cabbage). By the way, you can have a shot of vodka with this soup.

*Dumplings (with various fillings from meat and cabbage to cherries and cottage cheese).

*Black caviar and vodka (traditional Russian set, you can also try less expensive red caviar).

*Our amazing desserts and pastry (such as Napoleon cake, honey cake, Potatoes, nuts with condensed milk, gingerbread, buns with poppy seeds and sugar, traditional pies with various fillings).

*Cold Kvass (cold carbonated drink based on rye bread).

*Amazing Сabbage rolls (and of course don’t forget about sour cream and dill).

*Tasty Goulash (probably the most famous dish in Russia).

*Crispy Draniki (potato pancakes, usually are served with sour cream).

*Thin Bliny (ask the waiter for sauce, for example jam or condensed milk).

Let yourself be surprised with new tastes and save this Top 5 Russian cuisine restaurants list for your future trip;)

Doctor Zhivago

Address: Mokhovaya 15/1


Address: Tverskoy boulevard 26/5


Address: Prechistenka 4 (russian version only)


Address: Petrovka 21/2

White rabbit

Address: Smolenskaya ploshad 3

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